Andy Drinkell

Hi there, new member in Grimsby, North East Lincs

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Just joined this forum and thought I'd just say "hi". "Oh mah gawd!", they all shout, another newbie...

And to a degree you are correct. Fortunately, I have gained some knowledge and experience of many cars and motorcycles, including Fords.

I currently own a Suzuki GSX600F and a Hartford 125 project bike to play with but the focus of this forum (if you pardon the pun) is my little Ford Ka Luxury 1.3i.

I absolutely love the little tug. Yep, it's seen better days but it handles like a gokart and it's just so much fun to drive. No, it won't win any races but I'm not entering any. If I want speed and whatever, I can get the bike out.

Fact is, I bought it cheap, it runs perfectly, I've replaced back brakes and some suspension rubbers, put some new tyres on and sorted the tracking and I LOVE IT!!! lol

Is there any cure for this? Will medication help?  Or am I condemned to being a sad old ***** with a Ka?

Any help will be greatly appreciated  :wacko:

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Hi mate, just joined too, traded in my old Suzuki swift for a fiesta mk7 tdci, small world also living in Grimsby! 😊

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