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Hi all,  seriously thinking of getting my Focus Zetec S 1.0 125 remapped. Superchips quote a gain of 31 bhp which I woul be more then happy with as this would put it at at almost 155 bhp. I have gone through many a thread on google claiming you only get between 10/15 bhp increase, any advice would be greatly received in order for me to make my mind up, the missus has offered to buy it for me as a Christmas present, 

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Ive used the Superchips Bluefin unit in the past on my Mondeo ST TDCi and was pleased with the results. Superchips probably test the car during development in absolute optimum conditions though to get the best possible bhp figure so in real world driving i would expect it to be a bit less than quoted. Im sure every tuner does that though to make their product more appealing.

As far as i know these guys have the most powerful 1.0 in the country at around 205bhp so have a look at their remap units too.



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the only accurate way of determining any bhp increases is a rolling road power graph prior to , and following ,  any engine modifications including remaps.

the results are often surprising , and not always what the owner was hoping for........

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