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MPG on high millage focus


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Hi All

What sort of MPG should i be looking at on 1.6 estate focus? its a high millage car with 135k on it so i am just wondering if there is anything i need to replace to improve mpg

Just did a rough calculation and at the mo its doing around 30 - 32mpg



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Just looked it up on parkers and it says I should be getting 40mpg depending in if I have the 98bhp or the other 1.6 engine 115. 


So so how do I find out what engine is in my focus?


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Those figures aren't really accurate tbh...my 1.6 diesel is supposed to get 64mpg average...it's 10 less than that in real life.


I'm not sure of the visual difference in those petrol engines, but if you've got the v5 to hand it has the power output on it, will be in kilowatts so you need to convert to bhp.  

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