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Hi now the weather is getting colder, my puma 1.6 is slow to turn over, when it does start it dies straight away, this morning when i drove it, i put my foot down when the engine was still cold, (joining a motorway) it started to pick up then it seemed like i put the brakes on, which i didn't and it coughed and sputtered, then was ok again, i have replaced the air filter and since then its not running as good as it did, its a Mann filter so not a cheap one, also, when ever i start the care from cold, my speedo, rev gauge, fuel gauge and temp gauge shot to there maximum, it does this most times, i know my battery is old, it was standing for a year and i think the garage who sold it to me just put any battery in that would fit, i know it isnt a caluim one which i have been told it should have, do you think the battery is causing these probs or have i done something when i fitted a new air filter or is it a puma thing when the temp gets really cold

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Hi I would suggest getting it to a local garage and getting them to hook it up to an OBDII scanner this will return back any fault codes for the vehicle. There are a lot of things it could be however it could be an issue with the Lambda sensor (I'm more familiar with the 1.7 so that is a guess). I don't think the air filter will make that much difference tbh.

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