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1.6 focus cut out when driving


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Thanx for having me here .

ive got a 2002 1.6 petrol 

I was drivin earlier on and my speedo and rev counter just stopped working , need fuel so topped up then carried on my way home , the car just seemd to loose all power and cut out ( didn't stall ) , 

after a few attempts and revving very hard the car started but no dials as soon has I took my foot off the clutch it wants to stall , luckily I was only 100 yards from home and got there in first , 

reversed on to my drive no problem it didn't want to stall 

I left it for a while and just tried it again started no problem but has soon has I went 10 years all the lights on the dash came on the rev and speedo shot around to the other side and the mileage display said test then just died 

it took about 10 minutes for it to come back to life but same problem no dails and wants to cut out so just reveresd back on to the drive 

Not a clue , need advice ASAP 

thanx in advance Gibbo

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