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Retro Fitting 'Premium Audio' system in MK3 Focus


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Hi Guys,


New to this so be gentle, I have recently purchased a Focus St-3 and to be honest I never even checked the spec very stupid of me.


I use to have a Audi A4 Avant with the bang and olufsen system and the sound quality was a lot better than what I have in my focus at the moment, I was wondering if anyone has retro fitted the Premium audio system?  

Any Help would be appreciated.

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I dont know about the mk3 or mk3.5 focus but i & few others have fitted aftermarket component Speakers on mk2.5 focusrunning from stock
Radio & the sound quality is huge difference. Something like focals/ fusion will do high quality speaker kits.

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The amount of work involved in retrofitting the Premium (Sony) audio system highly depends on the audio system that is currently installed into the car.


The Premium (Sony) audio system is only compatible with the High Level audio system (with or without Sat Nav). The High Level audio system of the Focus MK3 has a 10 digit keypad and is always combined with either Bluetooth/Voicecontrol or SYNC 1.0/1.1. The High Level audio system of the Focus MK3.5 has a 8 Inch touchscreen in combination with SYNC 2.0.

The Sony audio system is not compatible with the Low Level audio system. The Low Level audio system of both the MK3 and MK3.5 has a 6 digit keypad and no bluetooth functionality. The Low Level audio system has different/less wiring than the High Level and Sony audio systems.

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