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Rear bearings...maybe


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So for a while I've been picking up on some scraping noises coming from the back of the card when at slow speeds / slowing down. My mate reckons he could hear the bearings at the back on their way out when sitting in the back seat, but it's difficult for me to hear.

Anyway, I decided to take the rear drums off and clean off all the crud and rust as I think they are the original drums and hub mounts (58 plate) . They were looking very crudded up and I suspected that the drums were rubbing on the hub mount back plates. Anyway, job done and they are looking better. Still a slight scraping sound but I think it's much better than before.

When I had the drums off, I rotated the hubs and there is a definite tickety tappety sound coming from the the bearings, on both sides, and when driving the car, I could def still hear the scrapping type noise from the rear of the car. At high speeds, it's difficult to distinguish between tyre roar, road nosie etc.

So, long story short, does it sound like the bearings are on their way out?


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no you don't get a scraping sound you'll get a drone that you'll hear even in the front that gets louder with speed the drums are probably distorted this will cause the scraping noises along with rust build up on the drums

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