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Flashing odometer


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I've had a look around the forums and can't seem to find anything that matches my issues. A few close issues but not quite the same.

This week I've noticed that when I turn the ignition and power off on my MK1 Focus the odometer has started flashing (seems random durations apart from each other).

The green backlight doesn't flash, simply the mile counters as if I'm running the dashboard test.

Does anyone know what this may be linked to and if it will cause any issues?

It's fine all the time I'm driving and stays lit while my lights are on. Only when it's off there appears to be an issue.

Thanks in advance.

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9 hours ago, artscot79 said:

do the dials sweep as well common when the battery is failing

Nope, the dials are working as normal.

There doesn't appear to be any loss of power. Wipers, windows etc still working at the same speed.

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30 minutes ago, v530anh said:

When my odometer flashed it was because my battery was starting to go.

Did it match all of the above? And did you have a battery check before changing?

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3 hours ago, artscot79 said:

do a dash test with the car not idling and idling i suspect battery as the other option is a loose wire or cluster fault

I did a dash test yesterday (while idling) and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. No DTC codes etc.

A couple of years ago I did have a cluster issue with the needles but WD40 worked a treat since. 

Do you think it may need re-doing?

I'll get the battery checked in a day or two when possible and check any connections.

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