Focus Mk2 1.4 & 1.6 Petrol - Engine Water Leak Fix / Engine cover

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Hello everyone!

Now this was getting on my nerves for a while. I have NEVER had an issue with my Focus, except for the spark plugs. During rain, or when using the washer jets for a bit, water / washer fluid would leak into cylinder one and build up on the rocker cover, and leak and cause misfire on the plugs. Here is a fix (Although your car may have an identity crisis afterwards!)

This is only suitable for the Non TI-VCT version of the 1.6 engine. It says it fits the 1.4 also, but I haven't personally confirmed this, and 1.4's seem to be quite rare so I can't check.


(I would highly recommend you combine this mod / fix with a change of spark plugs & ignition leads for best results)

  • Volvo Part Number 30650468
  • Volvo Part Number 986019 x4

The best way to acquire these parts is ring Volvo. These parts are still in production and circulation for the 1.6 Volvo S40, V50 & C30. 

Your local Volvo garage can usually get these parts ready to pick up by 3pm same day, as long as you ring them before midday. Volvo will charge you £24.96, which doesn't seem that bad to me, but feel free to look for the above Volvo's at a scrapyard if that's your thing!

Step 1:

Pop your bonnet open and have a look at the below picture. The green circled holes are good to go, the red ones have things in them. The one on the left just holds that wire down, and the one on the right holds a different wire. Just take the wires out, and the holders unscrew. Don't force them out! I did that with one and had to pick at it with a small screwdriver to clear the hole.



Step 2:

Now we know what we're working with, you also need to remove your oil filler cap. If you're deciding to change the plugs and leads too, do this first then take the oil cap off. Now it's simple, tuck the two wires that you removed from holders in a convenient place, make sure your ignition leads are neatly tucked down, and then line the Volvo cover up. The screws are a six-point thread although I'm not entirely sure what size. Screw them all in, then I'd suggest using a ratchet to tighten them. Personally, I tightened them loads to try and keep it watertight.


And you're done!

This is the end result! I've had no issues since winter has kicked in so can confirm this definitely works, and it's a perfect, OEM level fit. Only issue is it says Volvo!! :tongue:



I would seriously recommend all 1.6 owners do this as it can help prevent repeated spark plug / ignition lead failure, misfires and even potential engine damage!

Also please excuse my dirty engine bay.... I don't have an undertray since hitting a brick on the M1 lol...

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