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Dpf problems


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Hi just got a focus 1.6 tdci , its 90'000 miles not much info about car ive been told its had the dpf oil done . Well i got a engine fault which was dpf p2458-21 and p242f-61 . Ive managed to clear the faults with forscan and it come out of limp mode . Ive run the car with the live data showing its says ashfull 0.0 , regen 33.00 dpf pressure 13.5 , i noticed the temperature of  dpf getting upto 600'c and after around 10 mins driving on motor way it would cool down and dist regen would 0 , but it does it again after around 10-15 mins temp rise the dist regen 0 . Ive not had a car with a dpf is it saying the dpf is full and wont clean thats why it keeps trying to clean ? Can the values be reset or is it a case of new dpf ( or a deep clean ) ? , many thanks

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If it's the eoyls system DPF then the service interval for the DPF to be changed is 75K miles but they can last longer depending on how it's been driven.

Given the ashful figure and the constant Regen's then I suspect the DPF is full and will need changing. 

But as said check it out first the later coated ceramic DPF's as far as I know have a 125K mile service interval. 

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Mine has done over 90K miles as far as I can tell on the original DPF but I get next to no DPF differential pressure on mine as I suspect mine has been gutted but not mapped out.

Mine Regen's about 3 times a week if it completes a Regen or will keep trying for a while until it does complete.

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