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What MODS To Do To My Ford Focus ZETEC S 1.0 MK3.5


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Hey All Im A Newbie To This Forum But Ive Had My Focus For The Past 9 Months Now And Starting To Slowly Build It Up. I Want The Exterior To Look Mean As Im Trying To Go For An All Black Look. The Mods I Have Done Is Dechrome, Changed Interior Lights To LEDS, Smoked Rear Lights And Debadged The Focus And Ecobeast Sign. Its Getting Lowered Next Week Sometime And The Secondary Colour Is Lime Green. My Brake Callipers Are Soon Going To Be Green Aswell. 

Planning Mods: LED Front Lights And Rears. ST Rear Bumper Spoiler. Brake Calliper To Lime Green. Black Alloy Wheels 18". Smoke Front Lights. Gel badge Overlays. 

Any Alloy Wheel Suggestions And Any Further Mod Suggestions






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Welcome to the site Shaj. I have a black Zetec S too, mine is a 2012 1.6 182PS though. Personally im not a fan of the lime green but each to their own, the world would be a boring place if we all had the same taste! I just painted my calipers silver so they always look like new.

My mods are on hold while we have a young baby but if i had the funds now then i would get -

19" Focus ST alloys, lowered, drilled and grooved discs, exhaust, RS airbox (already have K&N), uprated intercooler, remap and a leather interior.

By the time funds are available i will probably just get a newer car though to be honest. I can still dream about those mods though!:smile:

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I was thinking to make the outside look good before getting into car performance. Not Too Much Lime Green But Just Hints Of It Here And There. Thanks For The Mod Ideas Tho. Need Specific Parts For It. I Also Need To Know If The Focus ST Parts Will Fit This Car Such As Front And Rear Bumper

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