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EGR, thermostat, low coolant temperature, vacuum hose

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I used Torque app and standard OBD (not Ford) to list fault codes. First I got 3: P0490, P0120, P1622.

I noticed coolant temperature was low, 62c. I was driving more yesterday and coolant temperature, as shown on Torque,  was first 60c, but later 80c, even at some moments 90c, when driving in lower gear. Outside temperature was 0 degrees. In the evening,  coolant temperature was 75c,  and outside was - 5c. It takes maybe 8 kilometres to get gauge up,  and never totally upright, always somewhat left (for all temperatures 75c-90c).

What are the "normal coolant temperatures"? Haynes just uses the term, I didn't see an explanation. What are normal time or kilometers needed to get working temperature with such low outside temperatures?

EDIT. With more testing: Coolant temp. finally rises to 90c, albeit slow, after 45 minutes of driving, maybe because it's cold. I even checked thermostat, it's closed in the beginning and when it opens, it's probably as specified, thermostat opens at 88c.


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More info:

After I cleared error faults, "P0490 Powertrain" repeated which should be "Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) "A" Control Circuit High".

Could this P0490 EGR error (malfunctioning?) be the cause temp. gauge is low or vice-versa?

I had an accident with the engine, it fell down on right side (left looking from the front) due to broken bolt, other was unscrewed.

As seen on picture, I have intercooler pipes twisted. Can this be a problem?

20161218_120705 engine.jpg

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(In addition to P0490) my turbo stopped working last night. I noticed the hose? on the picture is cut. What is it called? I hope it can be bought and changed, I couldn't find it on-line. Ford was able to order it only in 20 days, due to holidays (for 36 euros) so I didn't order.

I simply pulled the cut piece out (maybe 2,5 cm) and pushed the available part of hose? in the pipe? (maybe 1,5 cm). I hope at least P0238 (another fault I got on Torque) will be cleared, if this was the reason. I can feel turbo's working again.

EDIT: Finally I replaced this hose with 20 cm of standard 5 mm hose (I found it in Hansa Flex store).

20161218_120705 pipe cut.jpg


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