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Help! Focus Mk 2.5 Front End Build Diagram


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Hi People!

I am not sure if there is anyone who can help on here, but I desperately need a build diagram for the Front end of a Ford Focus including everything (bonnet, slam panel, front bumper and all the other various parts there) plus the wings. I guess it could be a Christmas present from you guys. Anyway let me tell you what happened...

Driving home from the missus house a few months back, it was around 11pm, all I can remember is seeing 30mph signs (I follow speed limits by the way, black box) next thing I know I woke up and the world was sideways, after a moment of confusion, I realized I'd crashed and the car had been tipped onto its side. I was heartbroken, my beautiful Focus was a right mess. When they pushed it back to the right way up I realized how bad it was. I didn't know how it happened and I still don't, I think i either blacked out or lost concentration and my brain just got wiped when I crashed. I was lucky to be alive. Fortunately no one else was involved and I wasn't hurt, although I did hit a old Peugeot 206 parked on the road, which my insurance covered. Being a relatively new driver (2 years) I found third party was £800 cheaper than comprehensive, a wise decision at the time. Not so much now. But anyway I've scrimped and saved (apprentice wages don't cover much) and fixed the mechanical problems the crash caused but now I am left with all the Bodywork problems, especially after I let an amateur guy have a go at it and now the new bumper, slam panel and new wings are all just cable tied on, with lots of spare bits in the car that belong somewhere! Hence the need of diagrams to see where it all goes back, ill include a few pics of the aftermath of the crash. So now you know, I hope you enjoyed the story! If you can please help!Focus Forums.jpgIMG_0827 (1).JPGIMG_0825.JPG

A Broken Hearted Ford Lover.

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