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Max power out of a 1.8 tdci 115psi


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Personally I would not bother. Diesel engines like the old 1.8 TDCI are designed for fuel economy and not for racing.

You can consider a remap but this will not give you the power output you want. Superchips for example lists a increas of 21 HP and 46 Nm for this type of engine.

It is of course possible to achieve a higher power output but this will require a lot of technical/mechanical modifications. For example a bigger Turbo (or even TwinTurbo) bigger fuel injectors, custom made/reinforced engine internals, modified cilinder head, etc. The biggest limitation will basically be the content of your wallet.


In my opinion it will be much cheaper to buy an old ST170 than upgrading a 1.8 TDCI.

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