'56 Ford Focus 1.6 Differential Unbalanced

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Hi All,

First time working on a transmission system and I've made my car (Ford Focus mk2 1.6 zetec - manual - petrol) severely pull sideways by turning a small black adjustment knob on the top of the transmission differential that had a retaining clip on it.

I've circled it in red in the attached picture. It sits on top the differential block, just above the RH drive shaft with a small sheet metal retaining clip that pulls over it to secure it. If anyone could tell me what it is/does? And how I readjust it back to being equal? That would be great.

For those interested I changed the oil seal on the RH driveshaft and needed to refill the oil, I spent sometime turning and pulling at it thinking it was the filler plug to top the oil up. I found the correct filler plug after doing research but when driving off I noticed my car has become extremely unstable and pulls to one side, skids when at full lock and jumps to the side when driving over wet drains. Quite a drastic effect for something so easy to turn but definitely not good for the tyres or putting stress on the gears.

Thanks in advance,



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That looks like were the speed sensor goes but i thought they were not fitted to the mk 2

is that a new box in the picture 

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nothing you've turned will effect the car that way what youre experiencing is crabbing if you removed the gearbox you may have disturbed the subframe and steering geometry assuming its,all back together correctly and the gearbox mounts tight it may be out of alignment 4 wherl alignment will be necessary

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