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H15 LED bulbs for Mk7.5 Fiesta


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Hello everyone,

I've had a look around on forums already but couldn't find much information regarding H15 LED Bulbs to use in the facelift Mk7 fiesta.

I know that the H15 is the DRL and Main beam integrated into the same bulb. What I'm essentially after if that crisp white look LEDs can provide but didn't know if LED or 'ice white' halogen bulbs were a better idea?


I had read one large thread but its a few years old and so the product markets changed. Didn't know if anyone had some advice or a better direction to head in.


Thanks in advance,


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14 hours ago, mckmcr said:

hi, the H15 LED have always problems with main beam which is usually not strong enough. There is one new type that I found to work as original halogen ones:


hope that helps


Have you used these then?

Are they straight plug and play?

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