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Windscreen Washer jets

Lee Yeomans

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Hi just joined the owners club and was just wondering if anyone can help please, I've got a 15reg focus 1.0L eco boost and its got the new fan style windscreen washer jets on and they are pants to say the least, drivers side doesn't even reach up to half way on windscreen and no way to adjust them. I've been back to my local ford main dealer to sort, no real luck. I asked the head service guy if I could swap these new style ones for the old style ones that you can put a pin in the nozzle to adjust, but was told quite firmly that they can't be fitted as they are a different fitting to what the new ones are, they look exactly the same size and shape to me. Just wondering if anyone knows if they can be swapped out.I know they still put the old style on new cars as there was a brand new fiesta ST in the showroom with the old ones on.

many thanks in advance 


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i would post this up in the focus section and not the ecosport section if i were you. not heard of anyone else having a problem with the fan type

welcome to the forum
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