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Rear Lights Focus mk1


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Ive looked at a lot of forums and cant seem to sort this out....i know it is an issue with the mk1


On my left rear light it wont work Ive tested conectors with a meter reader and there is power, ive tried three different bulbs in both ways after cleaning conectors and nothing. The fuses seem ok but fuses 54 which is meant to be for rear lights seems broken or loose and wont accept a fuse, this is very strange as the other rear light works perfectly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, have you checked the earth point on the chassis? If the fuse is gone then take the bulbs out then put the fuse in, if it blows there is a short somewhere. If not the with the car off and the lights off fit one bulb and check. Do this with each bulb if the fuse blows then there is a short on that circuit. Remove the bulb you just tested the move to the next. You said the fuse holder won't accept a fuse... has it melted the holder or is it damaged in any way? If so try to fit a wire to join it and move the fuse further down the wires with an online fuse. Hope this helps. Mike.

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Sorry for late reply, the break light works but the normal light doesent itsnt it the same bulb ? Very confusing so I prob dont need to do what you have suggested?



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My Focus is a MK2.5 but I'll bet the bulb holder is much the same.

I had similar troubles to you with the rear side/brake light bulb. Sometimes only the side light would work, then both or neither. The power was there on both wires when it should be.

The problem was the little earth tag inside the bulb holder. It's supposed to press on the side of the bulb metal base to complete the electrical circuit to earth. On mine the tag had broken off and was making intermittent contact. The fix was easy, I removed  a bit of copper from a cable and rammed it placed it carefully in the gap as I inserted the bulb. That was 3 months ago and it's still lighting up well.


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