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Mk3 focus st dipped beam bulb fault


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Hi my driver side dipped beam bulb blew the other day so i changed the bulb, i checked the bulb everything worked fine until i started my car then this caused it to blow again so i replaced that bulb checked it and it was fine until i started the car which made it blow again, both have now blown when i started the car. I have tried changing the bulbs with different makers just incase it was due to the bulb. Any ideas?

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if you've got HIDs then probably the ballast.

if you've got standard halogen bulbs then possibly damaged lampholder or a short between live & the chassis on the wiring harness to the headllight.

we can rule out overvoltage spikes from the alternator as this would blow both headlamps.

my moneys on the lampholder.

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This problem usually happens because of the faulty ballast or bulbs. In my case I replaced bulbs which I got from an online store, I would suggest you try these ones or if you had tried something like this before, so replacing ballast would be a better option.
Here’s the link of bulbs: https://xenons4u.co.uk/h7-55w-super-white-xenon-effect-headlight-bulbs.html

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