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Ford Falcon wheel alignment and tyre issues

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I recently left the UK for New Zealand, swapping my 1.25 Fiesta for a 4L RWD Ford Falcon. Went to get new rear tyres today but the garage noticed the front tyres were completely bald on the inside. Unfortunately he only had 2 in stock so he changed the front 2 and swapped them with the rears so I wouldn't ruin the new tyres before getting the alignment done. After I left I noticed a strange vibration through the steering wheel when manouvering at slow speed. Drove about 20km to the next town where they changed the now front tyres and did the wheel alignment on a Hunter machine. For some reason my car was causing them a lot of trouble but got done eventually. After that there is now a snapping/creaking noise coming from around the steering column area when going below 30mph, and when I parallel parked the vibration through the steering came back. Anyone got any ideas before I take it back? 

Also, before I had any work done the traction control was completely overbearing, whenever you put your foot down even in the dry it would kick in making it hard to even get above 70mph. I haven't driven very far since Ive had the work done but that issue seems to have disappeared. I'm not very technically minded but it occured to me maybe one of the rear wheels was a bit wonky, and now its causing a different problem now that it's on the front.





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