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how to remove yellow pen marker from scrapyard part


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Hi Guys

I am trying to remove the yellow pen marker off a piece of plastic trim which i bought from scrap yard.

Can't seem to remove the marker. Have tried fairy liquid also tried brake cleaner with a brush and used scotch pad ?

Does anyone know, what would remove it?




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thanks guys for your replies.

Did not have any of those things. Tried again with brake cleaner and an old toothbrush and after spending  a veryyyyyy long time, managed to get it off.

Now, from the area ive removed the yellow pen marker, it has faded the trim. Oh well it looks like i will just have to live with it.

Thanks Again 


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14 hours ago, Paisleyjim said:

Try autoglym bumper and dash gel. Works wonder when I get wax on my plastic parts

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Were you in line to be the 6million Dollar-man then cheaped out on plastic? :tongue:

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