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Electrical/Starting Problem

The Parrot

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This is both a problem and a Fix.


My 2013 ST3 Estate developed an intermittent fault displaying various error messages on start up which then cleared themselves. Progressed to won't start, cycling through various errors messages and random electrical faults, which then cleared, included Key Not Found despite engine having started. If battery disconnected would restart after about 45 minutes. Checked a lot of web sites which identified the negative earth ground on battery terminal being earthed out on a painted part of the front wing. Cleaned this up so metal to metal and car ran faultlessly for 2 weeks. Suddenly packed up and wouldn't start multiple errors on OBD2, and internal system errors. Internal light shad also packed up.Car recovered by AA. Ford dealer took 2 days to get it started with no idea why it suddenly woke up. Given my input they checked all the "grounds" on the electrics, there are many and found one in the passenger foot well which was virtually disconnected and sparking!

All properly re-connected and all is now perfect (touch wood). If you do get electrical faults with no obvious relationship check connections first, they were on the verge of doing "Module Swaps at great cost"!


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