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Bluetooth Cd Player

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Good evening all, long time lurker, first time posting!

A few months ago i upgraded from a battered old 2003 Vecta, to my lovely 2010 Focus. I love it!

I'm posting regarding bluetooth for my stereo. I have the red and green phone buttons on my cd player, but no stick by the steering wheel to control any phone calls etc. From what i've read on these forums, that means my car does not have bluetooth connected, correct?

I checked the website, and it says:


  •  Less Auxiliary Compact Disc Player
  •  Less bluetooth


Even though i have Aux in the glove box? Anyway, I would love to add the bluetooth function to the car, so i can control my phone, and stream my music via bluetooth. Would anyone mind telling me if this is possible, and possibly help me out by linking too some of them on Ebay so i don't purchase the wrong thing? Very lost with this. 


Thanks all for any help!

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It is perfectly possible to retrofit the original bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.


To do this you need the following parts:

* bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. For your car this is part number 8M5T-19G488-xx

* Mounting bracket for the module.

* Radio remote with "VOICE" button.

* Microphone.

* Interior light frame with mounting hole for the microphone (if not already installed).

* Wiring loom for the bluetooth/Voicecontrol system (if not already installed).


Note that the standard bluetooth/Voicecontrol system only supports bluetooth phone functionality. If you want additional features like bluetooth Audio you need the more advanced Sound & Connect system.

The Sound & Connect system is based on the bluetooth/Voicecontrol system but has some additional features like USB, bluetooth/Audio and Ipod support. The Sound & Connect system has a different type of bluetooth/Voicecontrol module. The part number of the Sound & Connect module is 8M5T-19C112-xx. Next to the different type of module the Sound & Connect system also requires 2 different USB cables and the USB panel and socket that is installed into the armrest.

Note that the additional Sound & Connect features are only supported by the Premium GEN 3 Sony radio's and the Travelpilot FX and NX SatNav systems. The standard 6000CD radio does not support these features.


Be aware that retrofitting the complete Sound & Connect system is not cheap. All needed parts will currently cost over €600,- at a Ford dealer. Used parts are also pretty expensive. Parts of the Sound & Connect are pretty popular which results in high prices. A complete kit will easily sell for €200,-.

Another point of concern is that the support of this system stopped in 2012 (the latest available update was released in November 2012). Since then the system beacame more and more outdated.


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Just had Parrot kit fitted Mki9200 by Halfords. They appeared, surprisingly, to be cheaper than anything else I could find in web.

Voice control of phone, making calls and phone book look up, mutes stereo for calls and/or my sat nav app on my iPhone. Streams music/Spotify through bluetooth. It also has a SD card slot for MP3 playback. Finally has two more cables that I had routed to glovebox to allow USB OR Aux in too!!!

plus you get a remote that you can position wherever you want (steering wheel, centre console etc)

i have mine located just on centre console below arm rest so I can control it with left hand (a bit like my old A4)

trust me, not on commission!!! Just a really great product and a lot less hassle. 


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