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high RPM whem moving NML when stopped ?

Nick in Holland

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Hi I have a 2000 1.6i Cabriolet  it was running a bit rough and when idling would go from almost cutting out to running fast sometimes especially when first started from cold .

I changed the idle control valve from a breakers ( pain in the a... you have to have very small hands and eyes on stalks to see and find the bottom bolt when refitting so its tightened properly, ended up with 2 of us one above, and one under the car to get a spanner on it to get the new one back on !! taking the old unit off is easy as you can undo the top bolt then swing the sensor up out of the way while attached by the bottom bolt  so you can get to it OK to undo it, wanted to make sure it was tightened properly when reassembling  )  took it for a test run, now much smoother but if I put the clutch in before stopping it will go down to an idle speed of 1500 RPM while I am still moving ?  until I actually stop it goes down to 1000 ? the RPMs stay steady now so why the delay in dropping to the correct RPM

Any ideas  

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if you are stationary in neutral and rev it, and then take your foot off throttled does the rpm come straight down to correct level or does it stay a bit higher than it should? and how long for?  firstly I am thinking air leak somewhere but it's a bit of a guess

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