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Is the keyless entry option still available for the 2017 Focus Titanium X?

if so is it a part of an option pack and if so which one? 

Sorry for being a pain, just trying to spec my new car. 

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That's really great help, thanks for nothing. 

On the Ford UK site it just comments that Keyfree is part of an option pack but it doesn't say which option pack. 

And here was me thinking that these forums were to help each other. 

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Your first two posts are asking about options on the new Focus.  Both of which can be answered by looking at the price list on Ford's website:


I thought it might actually be helpful to direct you to the price list where you could see all options and standard spec for each trim level which would answer your questions and possibly more.

This forum is about helping people and helping people help themselves, but as I'm no help I won't reply to your threads anymore.

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15 minutes ago, Nician said:

Grow up ###. 

You've just handed your self a ticket to "bye bye's ville". Well done that man.

The response you got is because quite frankly these are questions for a dealer to answer. The information is on the Ford pages, and if you're speccing up a new car, those options will be visible when you actually bother to do it.

Buying a second hand car? The response would have been more helpful because no two Ford's are alike, and guidance would have been given on what to look for when searching for one with x features.

This is the problem these days @alexp999 people expect to be spoon fed everything. I might just add, he's a paramedic. I wonder if he talks to his patients like that.... 

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