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My New Mk3.5 Focus ST

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Hey guys previously I have had a mk2 ST replica Zetec focus,

Last week I spotted a MK3.5 ST the company I work for was selling , had a test drive and fell in love

It's a diesel ST in deep impact blue and it pulls like a train, love the thing

But like my mk2 I wanted to change a few settings which could previously been done with elmconfig this time I needed focccus

I had read that focccus was having problems with the mk3.5 body computer security. But I gave it a go anyway , download version 8.5 of focccus and software went straight in, I activated the auto rolling door locks , but doing so sent the message system on the Cluster a bit mad, showing service engine now

After writing the settings to the car I tried to start and the car wouldn't start, what I had to do was use forscan and clear diagnostic codes as it had registered in the engine controller a crash detection preventing the car from starting. Cleared code and turned ignition off for 5 mins, car started straight away after that clearing all faults , and auto locks worked a treat (with the exception of resetting the clock)

So i just want share this just incase someone has this problem and freaks out a little as I did when the start button did nothing :)1484346813206.thumb.jpg.6bb6987d5d84f4eb

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Welcome to the DIB ST club
I found Foccus to cause error codes too when activating one phase of my satnav install.
As you found, Forscan cleared everything up.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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