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Seat belt pretensioner for 2007 Ford Focus ZX5 - 6S4Z6161203A

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I am looking to replace the seat belt pretensioner for the front passenger (front right seat) on my 2007 Ford Focus ZX5. It is loose and not working properly. I was told I need the part 6S4Z6161203A. When I google that part number, it is only the the buckle end of the pretensioner assembly (part circled in red). I have the impression that the whole pretensioner is made of two parts? - the female buckle and the cylindrical tube (part circled in green) like thing at the bottom, which is at about a 45 degree angle to the buckle, and where the cables are run along?

I can't for my life, find anywhere where I can order that bottom cylindrical part.

Do I have a misconception of what the pretensioner assembly is? Do i simply need to change out the part 6S4Z6161203A? I want to make sure I have it all correct, so my passenger isn't placed at risk.

Thanks for your help!


Ford Focus belt buckle and pretensioner.png

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The 2007 ZX5 is a USA version. This type of vehicle is never sold in Europe and is completely different from the European Focus MK2. The part number you mentioned is also a USA part number. The USA part number format is different form the European part number format.

 Part number 6S4Z-6161203-A is only the seat belt buckle mechanism. This does not include the actual seat belt pretensioner. As far as I can see the pretensioner assembly also includes the seat belt buckle mechanism. However because USA parts are not listed in the European Ecat parts software I can not search the correct part number you need.

Be aware that a new pretensioner assembly is pretty expensive from Ford. Personally I would search for a used part at a scrap yard for a car of this age.

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