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Focus TDCi Info Please


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New user, don't tell anyone I don't have a Ford yet though :) 

Seriously though I am looking to get a second hand Focus, my budget is pretty limited but have found a 2007 Focus Zetec TDCi for quite good money, has 89,000 on the clock. Its the 1753cc engine.

I am taking a look at it in a couple of days and just wondered if there are any known problems with this model, anything to look out for etc? Have always found the best places to ask are the forums where people know the the cars.

Many thanks for any help.

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Hi mate, welcome to the forum.

I've had the 1.8 TDCI in a MK2 saloon for the last 5 years, it doesn't have a diesel particulate filter (which is good thing because it can't get clogged up).  It's not as 'refined' when cold as the 1.6 or 2.0 Peugeot units i.e. it sounds a little tractorlike but it's basically bulletproof, as with any diesel make sure you change the fuel filter, oil filter and oil every year, it's the life blood of your engine.

Mine's on 130K miles and all the expensive bits are still original i.e. turbo, injectors, fuel pump, clutch and dual mass flywheel.

The MK2 Focus suffers from rust at the bottom of the front wings and to a lesser degree the sills so run your hand along both and give them a good tap to check they're solid.

Other than that make sure you boot it at least once on the test drive to make sure it pulls well and the turbo doesn't whistle.  If you can here a loud whistling it's probably the turbo on the way out and give it a miss.  Also, if you can feel a knocking/tapping when holding the clutch pedal in, give it a wide birth (a decent LUK brand clutch and DMF fitted will be the best part of a grand).  The above parts are just general advice for diesels and not anything that is a specific weakness on the 1.8 TDCI.

Don't be afraid to walk away and have a think before deciding (if needed it gives you the chance to post back after the test drive if there is something you're not sure about).

Good luck with the test drive and don't forget to post back with pics if you do buy it!

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