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Throttle body and idle valve cleaning


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Just curious Anyone do this as a matter of routine rather than wait til there is an issue?

Got some time on my hands this week so was thinking of cleaning these out.

Also anyone experience any negative results by doing this?

Thanks as usual






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I'll be doing this tomorrow as I have the problem you mentioned... will let you know the results.

Could.you provide some pics too ? It might help a little more.
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 Rough idle, hanging revs and revving creeping up when coming to a stop or changing gear. Have disconnected the battery for half an hour in an attempt to reset the TPS but just made it worse.. This is the next test on the system, I just hope it helps... gets a bit embarrassing at lights when the can revs on its own, "No mate I'm not going to run you down" and also "No mate I don't want a race" lol. "My car has a mind of it's own" Still it's a Ford so I love a good challenge...

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Hi all, well job done!! Didn't quite go to plan...

Removed the inlet manifold with injectors and fuel rail, removed the ICV which was very dirty inside. Cleaned with a liberal amount of carb cleaner and also brake cleaner. Used several rags and a toothbrush to scrub and get into the holes. Whilst I had the inlet on the side and was taken the pics I noticed the upper blanking cap had a hole in it. Bu**er! That was the problem all along... oh well all parts are now cleaned and the hole has been blanked and all was replaced. Started the car and then checked for fuel leak, then went on a ten mile round trip... The car now runs like a dream and no issues, and the power has now improved so much. Weather just fixing the hole has made this much difference I doubt. I think the clean has done an amazing job on restoring some of the lost power I didn't know was there. I've been driving this car for about 8 months and it never felt quite right and somewhat lacking for a 2.0L.

It was given to me by my partners m who only did short journey's and not above 40mph. So when i got it it was very slow as it was choking to death. So over that time I have been trying to use it more aggressively to clean it out and it's got faster and faster. It's now as I see it running on top form and just like it should be for a mk1 2.0L.

I hope this has helped in some way.






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Carb cleaners are awful, not as effective as EGR cleaners.  

EGR cleaners are great in removing carbon buildup but they are expensive £8-10 a can. 

Oven cleaners (foam type) work great and its considerably cheaper than any other thing on the market.

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