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2011 Mk2 Focus reversing sensor


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I've read through the threads and worked out the drivers side reversing sensor is the faulty part. Does anyone know the best place to get a replacement one? I've found this, would it be the right one?


Then how do I replace it. Is it something I can do at home, or would I save myself a lot of time and the street from my swearing by taking it to a garage. 


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If you definitely have the Factory fitted parking sensors then you may have to get an OEM one, but should be plug and play.

If you have aftermarket sensors you will be able to get them much cheaper elsewhere (the Ford OEM ones may not work). 

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9 hours ago, Rob555 said:

It's definitely factory fittedy. 

You can get a full set of aftermarket sensors for a lot less than one Ford unit. I had one sensor gone, choked at the stupid Ford price, and did just that, it has worked fine for me. On my Mk2, the lack of the Ford controller made no difference to the car (no error messages or anything). I suspect the Mk2a will be the same.

The work is not much more, I think you will have to remove the rear bumper to change one anyway.

A more info is in:


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