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What is it ?

Nick in Holland

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I bought a 1.6i Ford Escort Cabriolet first registered in 2000 in Holland.

When I go to online websites in Holland it asks for the Reg No.  But  if I'm checking UK. sites I have to enter car / model / type / year ?  because it does not recognise the Holland Reg. No. ?

In both cases when I type in the Reg No.. or details some sites say XR3i ? some say Pacific ?  most only go up to 1999 when mine is a 2000 European model. But then depending on which site I'm on it gives me different cars that I have ? and I have no idea which is correct

Some say 88 PK ?some say 90 PK ?  and then there's EFi,  SEFi is there a big difference will most parts fit most cars ?


ALL I do know is the engine type I have is its fuel injected 1.6 Zetec 16 valve. 

How do I find out exactly what I have so I order the correct parts from online sites ?

Is there a register of all cars and what they are / have got  ? 

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have you tried putting vin number in here




I do not know how many years this goes back and which countries of origin it includes. I did try it on a 1997 escort I owned in the past and it was there but with scant details.

It was a Chicane special edition on the v5 but it does not mention Chicane here

Build Date:   11.07.1997
Vehicle Line:   Escort 1995-2001
Body Style:   4 Door Estate
Version:   CL
Engine:   1.6L Zetec-E EFI (90PS)
Transmission:   5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5
Drive:   RHD FWD
Axle Ratio:   3.82
Emission:   EEC 96 Car (EEC 1)
Air Conditioning:   
Territory:   (+)"GB"
Paint:   Pepper Red (Metallic)
Interior Colour:   Raven Interior
Interior Fabric:



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