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Mk3 Focus LED Headlight question


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I'm new to the forum but looking for some guidance. I was considering buying a H7 led bulb conversion kit. They seem reasonably priced and seem to be more effective than halogen bulbs.

However, I have just looked at the headlight unit on my Mk3 Focus  and the clamp to hold the bulb in place also has the power supply with it.

With LED bulb conversion kits the power source plugs into a wire that then goes to a large radiator on the bulb to keep it cool. Is there a clamp available to buy etc. that would hold the bulb in place so that the power can be plugged in away from the bulb?


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1 hour ago, biff55 said:

lamp adaptor should be included in the led kit.


There is a lamp adaptor but nothing to hold the adaptor in place. Usually most headlamp units have what looks like an unbent paperclip that hooks in, but because on the mk3 focus the socket clamps the bulb into place, there is nothing there to hold the adaptor in place. 

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LED conversion will not be road legal, an MOT failure, and will potentially void your insurance.

They fall into the same context has HID conversion, and will also need headlight washers and auto leveling.

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