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Is anyone aware of the many , MANY cases against ford for it's auto tranny? It was supposed to be reviewed and declared a recall. I had just purchased a focus, beautiful candy blue se and it immediately, like the next day!, had to go into the shop for clutch replacement and reprogram. It was nice for about a week, but it is doing the same slipping again a week later! I drive manual trannys and they don't behave anything like this. As a matter of fact I race and NEVER EVER NEVER slipped a clutch. And I've been driving for 35 years. So ford's excuse was ALL MANUAL TRANNYS SLIP. ummmmmmm WRONG!!!! Anyway they told me a had to lean in on it a little at takeoff. UMMMMM that's when I told them about driving in the rain and icy conditions, and telling someone to floor it al little in those situations is the very irresponsible thing to say. I have heard MANY complaints about the auto tranny in this car and was wondering if anyone had heard from ford yet about a recall. Thanks.

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