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Help idle control valve position

Oliver mc

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A Diesel engine does not have an Idle Control Valve.

A Diesel engine does not have a throttle body either. The amount of air is not regulated on a Diesel engine. A diesel engine always sucks in as much air as possible. The engine speed is regulated by controlling the amount of fuel that is injected and the fuel injection timing.

Some modern Diesel engines have a throttle plate but this is not designed to regulate the amount of air that is sucked into the engine. This throttle plate  creates a vacuum which for example is needed for the EGR valve to work correctly. Another function of the plate is to prevent the engine from juddering when the engine stops. The plate cuts of the air supply and makes the engine stop a bit quicker without juddering.


Older Diesel engines did have a mechanical fuel injection pump. On these engines the engine speed at idle can be adjusted by adjustment screws on the pump. These adjustment screws adjust the amount of fuel that is injected and the fuel injected timing so this should only be doene by a specialist. Newer Diesel engines like your 2.0 TDCI have an electronic common rail fuel injection system. This system is fully controlled by the engine management system (PCM) and can not be adjusted manally.

Bad idling on a Diesel engine can have many causes but personally I would start checking/diagnosing the fuel system.


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