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bulb shaped dash light mk2


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hey guys my misses has got a 2012 KA with a light that's been on the dash for months that I sort of forgot about but MOT is coming up and now I'm looking to find out what it is but can't seem to find much information about it. It's located directly in the centre of the dash and looks like an upside down bulb, my first thought was to check all the lights on the car but all seem to be working as they should including brake lights and hazards etc so not too sure. I've done a search on google and I'm fairly sure its called the "master lighting switch symbol" and that's as far as I know, I've also searched this forum and cant find anything and cannot seem to find any information about the symbol in general not just specific to this car. any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

cheers, Joel.

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its to indicate a bulb has failed so check all exterior bulbs again. if one has not failed then it maybe a dirty contact on one of the bulbs ?

when my daughters light came on it was a rear brake bulb. replaced and all sorted so have someone in the car to do the lights while you look for the duff bulb and dont forget the indicators use the hazzard button.

i hope this has been of help




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