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Mk2 1.8TDCi Turbo Chatter and Woosh


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Hi All,

So I do understand there are lots of 'Turbo Woosh' threads about but none that remedy my problem.

When the car is cold, I can hear the turbo chatter as if there is a BOV on it and then when it warms up, that sound goes but it then makes the wooshing/hoover noise when the turbo is working.

- I have replaced the right angle 'common failure' pipe that goes into the EGR at the top left of the engine bay that seems everybody succumbs to at some point or other and replacing that seems to sort 90% of these issues.

- I have taken off the pipes that feed the intake side of the turbo including the rubber coupler I guess you'd call it. I've squeezed them, cleaned them and inspected them and cannot see any cracks at all. 

- I've checked the play on the turbo, it moves very very very slightly, I had a 207GTi and it moves only as much as that and have been told is normal.

- I've unclipped the vane mechanism from the actuator and moved it by hand and it's as loose as it possibly could be.

Any Ideas?




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Hmm...so nothing has come to light yet at all. The thing that makes it seem odd in my opinion is that you get the turbo flutter when cold and then the wooshing/hoover noise once warmed up.

Could this be a sign of over boosting? Do any of you think the electronic actuator may be failing to fully move in one direction or other and causing it to do this?

If I was to fit a new/recon actuator, does it need coding or anything or can I just put it on?

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