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Major service (cam belt kit, oil etc)


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My 2010 1.6 100BHP Focus (owned from it being 8 months old) is 7 years old now with just shy of 50k miles on it and I decided to change the cam belt this time around. I may have asked some of this before but it was 12 months ago...

  1. Any recommendations on where to source a timing belt kit (inc tensioner) from? I'd prefer genuine or OEM quality for this item. I notice Euro Car Parts do a Continental belt for this engine - any good stories on those?
  2. Is it worthwhile changing the water pump at the same time?
  3. A mechanic friend of mine was going to do the belt but he's not got a locking kit for the cams. Are the £10 jobs from eBay OK for this task?
  4. oil - I usually put the Ford spec Halfords fully synth in for how much extra it costs over the part. synth but I notice that the Halfords website only recommends part synth for this engine...does it matter? I've been using the oil since it was out of manufacturer warranty without issues so I guess it's OK either way. Just wondered if it wasn't recommended due to engine age..

Thanks for any help.

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I did the cambelt at 118,000. But if your car has an interference engine I would not take any risks and get it done at a dealer. But if you are doing it every 50,000 miles it would seem sound advice to miss the water pump and do the water pump at 100,000.

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Thanks for the replies.

Interesting about the 118k change - I think Ford say 100k or 10 years (whichever comes first) but I'd also seen on here as Ford saying to stay well inside this and maybe 75k and 7 years which is why I'm looking to change mine now. Everyone I've spoken to has said that the water pump will be OK to leave.

I've been quoted £300 from a local garage using genuine Ford parts (I can change the oil etc myself) but that was without the water pump IIRC so the main dealer pricing is good (I've made an inquiry with my local dealer about this, anyway). I'll ask the dealer about doing the whole job (inc MOT) as that's due in March anyway.

My mate will do it for a lot less, though, and he's done quite a few before. I imagine it'll be about 200 quid inc parts.



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Is that the maximum time...or the recommended time? ;-) I don't do a lot of stop-start journeys but I don't also want to leave it another 12 months and it let go at 11 months from now...

Just for information, I had a quote from my local dealer:

"The Ford part price for the cam belt kit is £106.5, The water pump and coolant is £125.4. We recommend a new crank bolt at £4.07. There is not a combined kit for this vehicle. The fitted price for just the cam belt is £269.5  for both cam belt and water pump it would be £395. All the above prices including VAT."

So, that £550 for belt, water pump, service and MOT sounds about right.


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