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USB Charging Points


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I am looking at fitting a USB charging loop into my MK2, and have all the necessary wiring. Just need someone to confirm my thinking and that I am not going to blow anything! I am also not sure which fuse to run off from as I need a switched 12v rather then constant, any suggestions?

What I have is an add-a-fuse plug to run out of the fuse box, this will run to converter taking it the 12v down to 5v (2.1amps) on a mini USB plug. I will then connect this to a 4 port USB hub.

My requirement is to be able to connect a dashcam, a iPhone, a Lumia 650 and a USB bluetooth dongle (this will connect to the AUX socket and remove the need to plug my phone in via cable)

Hope thats clear, let me know if you have any thoughts



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