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Nic Zero

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Where can I get info on which relay does what?


I have three non-functional circuits:

  1. washer pump,
  2. boot latch,
  3. drivers door controls.

And I clearly need #1 fixed before next week's MOT.  I have just proved it's not a problem in the fuse box.  All fuses are sound, making good contact.

I pulled the fuse for the boot latch, inserting instead my multimeter, and proved that when the circuit activates there is a voltage on that circuit.  But even with the fuse replaced there is no characteristic sound of the latch itself activating.

So my guess is that #1 and #2 could be due to blown relay(s).  But the handbook doesn't want to give you info on that (for obvious reasons).

Or alternatively, anyone got an idea what (other than fuses) would take out three circuits?

Back Story

A 4-year-old focus -- one morning we find it completely unresponsive -- turns out battery is totally dead.  Three days later the battery is charged, reinstalled, and I find that there is a blown fuse for the central console resulting in no music options.  I replaced the fuse and I thought all was well, till my wife pointed out that some circuits are not working.  I checked and re-checked every fuse in the car [other than the irrelevant ones in the inaccessible boot] and have today confirmed that it's not a fuse-box problem.

thanks for any pointers,


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