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Heater vents directional control not working


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Hi guys, I'm now to the world of the Mk1 Ford Focus having just purchased one for our lad as he's just got his first job.

It's a 2001 1.6 Zetec and all is well apart from the not being able to direct the heater air to the face vents or down to the footwell - it's just doing demist.  Can anyone help with this problem?

The temperature control works fine and I've replaced the fan resistor pack so that's all good, now just need to get the air going to the other vents.

Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly apprieciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Most likely the spring cable has broken or become detached.
You need to pull out the radio and remove the dash fascia (4 screws visible when the radio is removed) then access the back of the dials from there.

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Hey guys,

You're correct, it's the air control cables that are broken. See attached photo showing one of the cables thats come loose.  I've tried to replace it but I think it's broken at the other end which is why there's so much slack.

Is there somewhere cheap on line to get a replacement or would you recommend a visit to a local scrapyard?




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From your picture I can tell that the cable is damaged as it doesn't have the full dial assembly, you probably unclipped it rather than removing the screw.


The Finis (part) number is 1105565 or 1201870 (depending on pre or post December 2001 build date)  and should be around £25 (pre December) or £36 (post December) from a Ford parts counter although both parts will fit as it will only be minor internal differences between them.

An online part source is available-



19b888 Focus mk1 air distribution valve control.jpg

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Thanks for the parts info - very helpful.

As was my local scrappy where a cable unit was £5 - now installed and working well.

Thanks again for the help and advice guys!

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