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Power Steering woes and Coolant tank issues


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Hi all, 

I am still investigating were the leak on my Focus MKii is coming from. I have attached some photos. I've been asked to check if i have the old style steering pipes. I have no idea what these look like. I just want to check what the issue is. One garage has told me he will need to replace the pump and pipe work! The leak appears to a gravity effected IE not being pumped out you can see in the photos where the leak is. I hope the images help. I am also unable to fill my coolant due to what seems part of the cap being stuck inside, anyway to DIY fix this?





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I have mk2 focus and had little drips like that on my driveway, the following day my driveway was covered. Common fault on focus the union nut goes on power steering pipe to pump. Nut is about 15 quid and pipes 100 plus labour

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The power steering pipes you have are the old type.

The new version requires the nut including the pipes.


You can see in that the new version does not use the cooler at the front anymore.

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