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Rear arm bush bolts


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Any hints or tips on how to get them out? 

I accidentally burnt one of the bushes. Need to replace before MOT. 

Last car, the arm actually snapped, Had someone have a go at getting them out, but he smashed hell out of the bolts, and damaged the camber ridges, and still would not budge, Had the bolts burned out for 20 quid, with arms replaced. it was a 2001 plate though.

This one is a 2006 plate. Hoping they are not too badly welded to the bush. Bought some shock and unlock from Halfords, no idea if its any good. 

going to repave back springs too when the arms come off.

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I replaced all my rear suspension arms and fitted polyurethane bushes,not for the faint hearted if you like a soft ride but I love them and has transformed the car.Anyway mine were completely shot.I've used all the usual methods,loads of lubricant leaving over night,heat but on one arm I decided to grind down the bolt head and knock the bolt through,worked a treat.I ground the nut down with a mini grinder until it was just proud of the arm and knocked through with a punch.Happy days.

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