New old Ford Ranger restore need help with colours and model

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I recently bought an old W reg Ford Ranger pick up which I am attempting to smarten up a bit and was hoping someone could could give me some help clearing up a few things and identifying the colour codes and colours I need.

1. I was told it was a Ford ranger California when I bought it, and it has a strip with California on it. Is this a genuine model or has someone modified this? I cannot find any information on a Ford Ranger California on the internet?

2. Called Ford for the colour codes and they cannot give me anything saying it's too old and there is nothing on record. I need the Blue main colour and I need the silver strip colour or possibly where can I get a replacement silver strip as the rust behind it on rear side panels is breaking through the strip and needs sorting? Or what is the best and closest silver paint I can get to match.

Any information is much appreciated.






IMG_20170221_143051432 (1).jpg


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Hi and welcome. Rangers from the w reg era tend to have Mazda colours. There was a collaboration between ford and Mazda around then for a few years. Try a Mazda dealer and try 19H for the blue and 18G for the silver. I'm doing this frpm memory so I could be wildly out. It's worth a try. BTW externally that's a good looking truck.

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