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My Ford Fiesta Mobile App

Darren Alderton

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Hi Guys.

I’ve just launched a Fiesta MK7 mobile phone app and looking for opinions of usefulness before deciding to include other Ford models. It covers the general maintenance checks for the vehicle. Its more for people who aren’t so hands-on. I’m not expecting people to download, but rather just take a look at the screen shots from the google play store. My Ford Fiesta


Some honest opinions would be much appreciated. The app is currently only for Android. 


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Very good yes a service book would be amazing. 

My suggestions (some might already work so sorry about that)

  • Zoomable images
  • Ability to star (or favourite) for quick access from the main menu
  • Ability to press an image to bring it up on it's own screen (isolated images)
  • service portfolio with notifications when it's coming up for it's next service
  • MOT & Tax reminders (notification)

Hope you stick with this Darren and perhaps expand into other vehicles.


Very nice.

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There are loads of free apps like this, so you need something that is different than all the others out there,

I do like it  though :biggrin:


If this takes off you need to branch out to other makes / models



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