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97' Cabriolet 1.8 Ghia Imperial Blue


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Hi Everyone, 

So this is my first time posting in the Escort forum!

I am in a position where i could potentially buy the above, I've always wanted one but i'll get to the point. 

Now i'm wanting to know any tricks and hidden things to look for when i get to buy it. I've asked for pictures of arches as my partners fiesta (R reg) suffers from this and unsure if the escort does too, also stuff like seat belt anchorages (2014 it failed an MOT which was gone and passed on the same day). Is there anything Major i need to look for? It'll be off the road for around 6 weeks as i'm going to change the car on my insurance renewal. 

It's been serviced regularly, had a clutch fitted in the last 2 years, brakes changed and also fuel filter replaced. So for £895 it's a steal! 

So there is some time to get some issues fixed before it goes on the road and i start running around those country lanes with the top down! Ill get some pictures up of it later one when im home .


Any help would be much appreciated. 



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