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2007 Focus 1.6 petrol P0444 fault code


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Brand new to the forum (in fact brand new to Fords !).

My daughter has bought the above car and it is showing an engine management light - pretty much every time she starts it, it seems to have no detrimental effect on the running of the car but we would like to sort it if possible without resorting to garage help.


The code reads out as P0444 which is described as ' Evaporative Emission Control System, purge control valve circuit open'.

I have googled the problem but there doesn't seem to much information relating to this engine, most links are to US cars.

I am trying to determine the location of the Purge control valve so that I can eliminate simple stuff such as broken-disconnected wiring to the solenoid etc.

Could anyone help with some info on the location of the valve? (pictures would be good) or any other information on where to look in an effort to resolve the problem.


Thanks in advance

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