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Engine Malfunction Service Now


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Hi, new member but I've seen a few users both here & on other forums reporting this problem with no solid resolution, so thought I'd share my experiences for the benefit of others.

Purchased a 12 plate Ecoboost 1.0L back in February, apart from light scratches to the paint work absolutely nothing wrong & runs like a dream. However on driving home, got the 'Engine Malfunction service Now' error message with an amber warning light.

My experience was limited to whenever I would lift off & either break, change gear or use engine breaking to slow me down. Upon a first return to the dealer, they detected faulty MAP & air flow sensors. Replaced them both, however the issue still occurred when I drove off. They took it back & sent it to Ford for a thorough diagnostic & it turns out the actuator on the waste gate was pretty badly compromised with carbon & would become stuck open.

The only solution is a replacement. They tried cleaning it, which helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.

I've yet to get it back, but we're fairly convinced this will resolve the issue. This has all been covered under warranty & I've had use of a courtesy car more than my beloved Focus, so it's cost them to the point I believe they have lost money on selling it to me. However, I suspect they refused the first time to replace the wastegate entirely & instructed Ford to try cleaning it to reduce costs, so they've themselves to blame!

This is a really frustrating problem more than anything. The vehicle is only 4 years or so old. Is there a way I can avoid this happening again (I.e. is there anything I can do to reduce the build up of carbon/dirt that made it stick open in the first place?). I'm not mechanically minded, however upon inspecting the spark plugs (Which had never been replaced) one was monotone black, as opposed to the other two which were brown, so we're thinking we may have had a faulty plug causing the build up.

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