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What Gearbox Sensor is this?? Leaking oil


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Hi, yesterday I noticed I was leaking oil. Originally assumed it was engine oil but looking underneath the car I think its pretty much coming from a gearbox sensor,,,

Unfortunately I don't know which sensor is it (check manual and haynes), its near the front of the car, on the gear box (more to the passenger side)



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23 minutes ago, dezwez said:

gearbox reverse light switch :smile:

Thank you so much!!!:smile:

Is it hard to fix? Initial search indicates that its not, but im just scared to remove it and see all of the gearbox oil leak out :mellow:

Think I found it on eurocarparts for £12 which is not bad. Need the car to get to work on Monday :unsure: hopefully can pick up the parts and get someone to fit it. 

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29 minutes ago, stef123 said:

It'll take you all of 5 mins to fix the leaking switch. While your at it, you need to check the oil level. 

Thanks mate! I know its a sealed unit, but not sure how exactly to check it. I'll probably take it to ford next week to replace the gearbox oil. Just need to double check what type of oil it takes.

Also the car is a 56 plate focus, 1.6 petrol.

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Found the reverse light switch > ERA Reverse Light Switch > to 04/2007


And then the gearbox oil > Comma Fully Synthetic MVMTF 75W90 Plus 1L 



Just need check how to actually top up the gearbox oil


Finally found everything in the Haynes manual, looks like a simple job. No drain plug on my engine and the fill plug is also the level plug. :happy:

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might be that the switch is broken and allowing oil to leak around the plastic bit. it might just need the switch doing up tighter, i would certainly try doing it up a bit tighter before buying a new one. don't overdo it

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5 hours ago, LV1 said:

Think I found it on eurocarparts for £12 which is not bad

don`t forget to use the 30% off code and grab it even cheaper £8.39 :w00t:

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