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hi guys seem as this is a puma section

I fought id better show my 2 puma's, both are a 1.7 and with ms design body kits, the melina one has done 159,000 mile and i am currently rebuilding it as mot expired in nov 16, the rebuild will consist of poly bushing , powder coating sub frames, many new parts as many ford as can, cam belt kit and water pump and as much as i can do myself.

the moondust silver has done 77000 with part service history and cam belt done on 47000 and is in cracking condition

if anyone is near south wales and would like to see them both  there more than welcome or can offer be a cheap powder coating service even better

also if anyone needs any bits or help i will do my best to support

peace be the journey

cleaner engine bay.jpg

Front Interior and Carpet Cleaned.jpg

freshly clean and compounded.jpg


all 3 cars.jpg

Engine  Part  Cleaned.jpg

Front View  Doors  Open.jpg

Left Side Front View.jpg

Rear End.jpg

Right Side Front View.jpg

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