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VIOFO review (A119)


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Well i read loads and all was good about this camera and wanted a Wedge shape one to not stick out so upgraded to this one,just a quick review.

Only been in 2 days and the picture is spot on,its 1440 i have it set and turned all the beeps off like out of lane/screen saver/off/on/motion etc.

Left the GPS on,you can read the reg of cars if you go past and pause which is good and its a very sharp picture.

Did look at the new A119s what what i seen them side by side as the day the A119 seems a sharper picture being 1440 and the S model is 1080p max.

The A119s (new one) is a little better on the night where there is no lights but that wont gain me anything as i want it for day or lit areas.

The plus side.............Hides away good as no sucker on the window which is a massive plus,excellent sharp picture in day and very good on night when lit

                                     and with no light its ok like many out there,loads of setting,2K setting,160 angle view,adjust lense up and down and also left and right.

                                      No battery which is another plus as don't get over heated so ignition is the main option that many do as i have.

Negative.....................In no lights at night its just like most cameras but this is ok not terrible at all but could be better,clip on/off GPS bracket fits but a little loose

                                    so i have got some double sided tape and put it under the slide so now solid (not the sticky pad that fits to window).

For a just over £80 camera with GPS i think its 99% and is excellent,i will not give it 100% as the bracket slide/fit (easy fix) and night with no lights could be better.

Here is the link............https://www.amazon.co.uk/Boblov-Capacitor-Novatek-Dashboard-Dashcam-x/dp/B01IM2EPQW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1489559588&sr=8-3&keywords=A119

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Trying to upload a clip,no good as YouTube compresses it way to much and makes it judder and in 1440p it comes out

like 720p and looks nothing like the original video in any way.


Update......after a few days i put a lens cover on and put the brightness up by 1 and it makes a massive difference,you

get hardly any sun glare or dashboard reflection.


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